Save Money on your Lease Rate

You found a copier that you love, and now you are working out a lease with a copier leasing company. You want to do everything you can to make sure that you are getting a good price. At Spokane Copier we believe in saving people money on their copier leases, so we are going to show you a little understood secret on how to save money on your lease rate.

What many people don’t understand is that copier lease rates are not chosen on a gradual scale. Lease rates will be better if you spend more money, but it’s not as straightforward as that. There are certain price barriers you have to cross in order to get a better rate. Once you spend a certain amount of money, you will be able to save money in the long run.

For example, you want a 48-month lease on a copier that will cost you $3001. The bank will decide the Fair Market Value lease rate and say you need to pay $74 per month.

If you were buying the same copier for $2999 then the bank would actually say that your Fair Market Value lease rate would be $91.

Just to help show it differently.

$3001 Lease = $74 per month

$2009 Lease = $91 per month

That’s a difference of $17 per month.

$17 x 48 months = $816 over the course of your lease.

The $2 difference in price can save you tons. It’s all about crossing that barrier to get a better rate. Talk with your leasing company about where these price barriers are. If you are within a close amount, then you may want to negotiate higher prices elsewhere, in order to save money in the long run.