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Copier Leases - Spokane and CDA - Xerox Copiers for Your Business




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Get a copier for your office starting at $49/mo

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Tired of always running out of toner? With the software we provide, you'll be able to easily order supplies with a click of a button.  We love automating this, making what used to be complicated, easy!

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We give you options on copiers that will work for your business. If you'd rather avoid a hefty leasing contract we have great buying options as well.  We know the same copier will not work for every client, so we personalize your copier experience.

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We provide you with a service plan that includes all parts and labor to help ensure that your copier is always in proper working order.  We want to make sure our clients are always taken care of with their new copier.

Get an AMAZING Deal on Your NEXT Copier


We Help You Learn HOW to Buy or Lease a Copier!

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We work with your team to make sure every copier we quote can work for your business.  We take the time to ask questions and to work with you on your next copier lease.  If you want to see what items cost, you will see it clearly on our copier quotes.

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We partner primarily with Xerox, who is the clear market leader.  You know you are getting a copier that countless other businesses count on for their copiers.  We work with Xerox to be able to provide service plans all over the United States as well.

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We team you up with a rep whose job depends on trust and communication.  We work with your team to find out what you care about, what technology you use, and how you can grow in the future.  We ensure we listen so we can provide ideal solutions.

Not Quite Ready to START Right Away?

What is the process to lease a copier?

Thank you for letting us help you find the copier that your business needs. Many people are used to copier reps swinging by time and time again trying to get their business. It is even common to hear people be exasperated with how aggressive the copier business can be. We work with your company to get you a quote when you are ready for a quote.

First of all, we try and see when your current contract is expiring. This way we are not wrapping in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars into a new lease. We work with you to keep your copier costs as low as possible.

Buying a copier should be simple. You should be able to call or email and get a quote. We love it when people call us and want to get a quote to their email. We don't force you to do meetings you don't want to do. We are here for you and like to work however you want to work. Give us a call to discuss your copier needs!

What Should I Be Looking to Avoid?
When getting a new copier, it is nice to avoid any hidden fees or nonsense.  We are here to keep your copier purchase simple and cost-effective.
  • There are no coverage penalties. It's usually 30%.
  • We provide the lease paperwork at no cost to you.
  • There are no network installation fees with us.
  • There isn't a charge to return your copier at the end of your lease.
  • We provide free shipping on supplies while under contract.
  • We keep a spare on the shelf for you for free.
Is Your Team AUTHORIZED By Xerox?

We partner primarily with Xerox, which is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. You know you are getting a copier that countless other businesses count on for their copiers.  We work with Xerox to be able to provide service plans all over the United States as well.  All of our techs are Xerox trained or Xerox employed.