How An FMV Lease On A Spokane Copier Changes Your Options

Protect Your Technology Investment By Choose The Right Spokane Copier Lease!

FMV leases can be a little perplexing sometimes, and for good reason! Probably the biggest question that they beg is this: “Who determines what the fair market value is?” And the answer is easy! The copier company/leasing company! So not only are you under contract, but they also get to decide how much they sell it to you for at the end of the lease! Now, they are not TOO likely to price gouge, but the ball is in their court to see how much you’ll pay for it. They’ll factor in some things like packing it up and shipping it back, and they know you don’t want to pay for that–so it stands to reason some of that could be added to the “fair market value” since you don’t want to pay for the packing and shipping. The convenience of just keeping on using the Spokane copier you have is also a bullet in their pouch for negotiating. But they don’t want to quote too high a price for fear that you’ll actually return it! What are they going to do with a 3-5 year old copier? Sure, they can sell it, but why go to all that hassle when they could just sell it to you for a little less? Spokane copier leasing is tricky, and FMV leases have some advantages.

  • Option to upgrade your Spokane copier more frequently
  • Fewer headaches due to the cost and responsibility of ownership

There are many more, but I have confused you enough with this article! That is the intention, however, because I simply want to draw to your attention that there is a lot going on, and it’s in your best interest to pay attention to the details and consult a professional before making big decisions that affect so much of your company’s bottom line!