Factors To Consider When Looking At A Tabloid Copier In Spokane

Don't Need Tabloid? Don't Go Broke Buying A Tabloid Copier In Spokane!!

There are many ways to save, but also many ways to spend when it comes to buying or leasing a copier in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene. One of the biggest and most obvious ways is getting a tabloid copier if you don’t need one! True–they look like a huge state-of-the-art machine capable of massive print jobs and time travel, but there is a downside or two.

  • They are usually slower and suck massive amounts of power–not a green option!
  • They are usually a few thousand dollars more–and this where some savings or cost occurs
  • They can many times cost more per page–making them cost more over the term of your lease or affect to total cost of ownership numbers

So why do people get these if they don’t need them for their Spokane copier needs? Well growing companies like to have nice equipment, and be poised for growth, so they tend to get technology that reflects that. Nothing says, “we’re here to stay” like having a giant office machine–what a huge technology investment! But if doing so costs thousands–is it worth it? If you print tabloid on your Spokane copier or Coeur d’Alene copier only occasionally, taking it to the corner copy shop could save thousands, save your electricity, and save space in your office by turning down the excessively oversized and overpriced tabloid Spokane copier if you don’t absolutely need it!