Solid Ink Technology And Your Spokane Copier: Xerox’s Gift To You

A lot of office productivity can get stopped in its tracks by running out of toner! Picture this if you will: The office staff has been ignoring the low toner warning for too long, it’s Friday afternoon and you have one big print job to get out the door before the weekend starts, and you find halfway through your print job that the toner is running out on your Spokane copier! You rush to the supply closet and can’t find the toner cartridge among all the other ones, and your print job is in danger of having to be restarted or cancelled because you can’t find the right cartridge!

Well this is the type of scenario that solid ink technology on the Xerox Phaser 8860MFP provides! The solid ink can fit in your desk drawer preventing a need to run to the supply closet or basement, and you can add the solid ink while your job is printing! It’s also worth mentioning that the quality of the prints is outstanding and enhances reliability since there are few parts to go wrong! If that’s not enough to make you choose the Phaser 8860MFP for your next Spokane copier, here are a few more:

  • Color for black and white prices on your efficient Spokane copier
  • 30 pages a minute keeping you on track for deadlines
  • Environmentally friendly solid ink sticks, and faxing, scanning, and copying in one compact machine