Do You Need Tabloid?

Making decisions about what kinds of features companies need from their new copier is one way in which we have seen a lot of mistakes made in the Spokane area. One example of this is when companies decide they might be using tabloid printing but never really end up using it that much. This

Knowing the Functions you Need

Knowing the Functions you Need

can be a pretty expensive decision based on a possibility of this feature being used. To add Tabloid copying to a copier can cost anywhere from $2,500 and $5,000 depending on the type of copier.

We try to recommend that if your company is not going to use tabloid copying for sure, then do not order it. Unless your current tabloid copier machine just won’t work any longer than we recommend that you try to get a cheaper copying device that can handle everyday kinds of jobs and let the older machine take care of the tabloid printing. This is because a machine that handles everyday work will usually go for around $1,500, whereas a tabloid machine can cost up to $8,000. This is a considerable jump in price if you tabloid is not absolutely essential or if your current device is passable.

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