Used Copiers in Spokane

Looking for a used copier in the Spokane area can be a real hassle sometimes, but Xerox has been able to make this process a lot less painful. They have options like the Workcentre 4150, which is capable of printing

Xerox WorkCentre 4150 Copier

Xerox WorkCentre 4150 Copier

45 pages a minute for around $900 and is completely up to factory standards. This can be a great opportunity for a business that is trying to save some money on a copier but still wants to get a machine that is quality enough to help the office space function as efficiently as possible. 

These refurbished machines great because they are not merely used, but have actually been serviced in such a way that part which wear out quirky have been replaced and repairs have been made so that there won’t be problems with the machine in the near future. These refurbished machines also come with a short warranty that insures you will not be getting a bad machine, but will have something you can depend on as your business moves into the future.

If your Spokane area business needs to get a copier that will help the office function more efficiently, please contact us at (509) 362-9868 and we would love the opportunity to compete for your company’s business.