Refurbished Copiers in Spokane

If you are looking for a great copier in the Spokane area, and you want to be able to save some money at the same time, you should consider buying a refurbished Xerox copier. Xerox can offer machines like the WorkCentre 4150 that can print 45 pages per minute and the refurbished copier can be bought for less than

A letter/legal copier alternative

A letter/legal copier alternative

$900. This could be the perfect copier for any business that is looking to increase efficiency in the workplace. Xerox has such a great history of producing copiers that help offices operate as smoothly as possible.

A refurbished copier is a used copier that has been thoroughly examined and cleaned. It has also had some of the key parts replaced so that it has been brought up to factory standards. Buying a refurbished copier is not only great because of the money that it will save you, but also because it is good for the environment. Buying used copiers keeps plastics and other harmful things out of a landfill.

If you are looking for a great Xerox copier that has been refurbished, you should give us a call at (509) 362-9868 and we would love the opportunity to compete for your Spokane area business.