Leasing a Spokane Copier

Getting ready to add that Spokane copier to your organization? While considering the proposals from potential vendors, there are several factors that you should include in your considerations. Many vendors may act as a contractor or major brand companies in the imaging industry. Independent representatives may have their own rules on how their services and leases are structured. It is quite common because most vendors support local clients and work with other companies that are not directly connected with the original manufacturers. Also known as 3rd party leasing representatives or vendors, it is critical to understand the vendor’s rules when it comes to their leases and long term contracts. Be sure to examine your lease for any pertinent data that could affect your organization’s bottom line.

Not all, but some lease documents may inadvertently contain some “Gotcha’s.” For instance, you may not be able to pay off the copier early if the lease stipulates it in the fine print. If your business is new, and you are not sure how your business will fare in the next year, you might benefit more from a short term lease. If that is the case, get multiple quotes from multiple vendors for a compare-and-contrast.