Questions to Ask Before You Lease a Spokane MFP or Copier

  1. In a CPC (Cost Per Copy) plan, how much can I expect to pay for 11 x 17 prints/copies? Typically, the industry standard for copies and prints are A4 papers, and 11 x 17s are much larger. Some vendors may charge 2 clicks for much larger papers, but some of them may charge you only 1 click.
  2. Who will pay for the prints or service copies during maintenance or service calls? No doubt, you don’t want to pay for copies and prints that your organization did not use. When you call a vendor for a service person or maintenance person to come work on the equipment, it is common for the technician to use over a few hundred clicks and prints.
  3. Do scans cost any money? While more and more MFPs are being utilized in business organizations for email transmissions and document management, paying for scans are not common. While it is not common, it makes business sense to check anyways.
  4. Do you charge for supply and accessory delivery and are they a part of the CPC contract? If you pay for the supplies that go into your machine, a lease of 3-5 years and routine supplies can add up quickly and significantly.