Extending the Life of Your Copier

maintenancePhotocopiers have become a central piece of technology in the business world today, but when trouble strikes, the maintenance for these machines can add up to a small fortune. This is not a cheap piece of equipment, and according to Fortune, office document expenses have gone as high as $7500 per employee. What can you do to keep the cost of supplies more manageable?

First, stick to a regular cleaning schedule. Similar to how you might take in a car for tune-ups, you have to pay attention to functionality. When dust accumulates in the copier, it can start to cause more friction with the internal parts. That affects the quality of documents. Clean your copier glass on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure the quality of your scans. You, however, will want to use an anti-static cleaning liquid that has been intended for the copier. This ensures that you do not damage your machine. Also, keep the drum clean and remove the excess toner when possible. That equates to better output.

You also want to train your employees on the best practices around the copier. That ensures that you have been trained for the basic processes. It should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the risk of damage. Many companies have limited the staff members who can troubleshoot for that reason. Handling paper jams and user errors must be done in a highly specific fashion. Finally, when the time comes for maintenance, make sure that you only hire a certified technician.