Getting a New Copier Lease

busy-copyWhen people are looking for a new copier lease, there are typically a lot of questions and concerns.  The main reason is because buying a copier is something people do about every 5 years.  So, if you are looking into a copier lease, here are some things you can consider before pulling the trigger.

  • What size of paper do you need to print on?  If you can print on letter/legal then you can expect to save thousands of dollars.
  • Do you need color or black and white?  The cost savings here is if you don’t need color, you won’t make the mistake of defaulting to color by accident.
  • Do you want new or used?  Generally used is cheaper, though there are some models where new is a better copier deal.
  • Do you need to print from the cloud?
  • What is the ending date and terms of your current copier lease?

If you would like help getting a copier lease in the Spokane area, please give us a call.