Why People Opt for 5 year Leases

In the world of copier leases there are options for every business. While you could rent, buy, or lease there is an overwhelmingly popular option. We wanted to understand why this was, and we began to wonder why people opt for the 5 year lease.

5 year leases are the overwhelmingly most popular lease length. Our copier experts began to look into this an found some interesting facts. Almost 75% of people chose the 5-year lease option as opposed to the 24 month or 36 month option.

The 24 and 36 month lease options have some definite benefits. They ensure that your shorter lease lets you consistently upgrade. Without being stuck for 5 years you can upgrade to newer technology more frequently.

Shorter leases are also more expensive per month. They make you pay for the shorter lease, which most people aren’t in favor of. It also requires you to go through the process of returning the copier every few years. If you have never gone through the process before it may not seem like a big deal, but anyone who has done a lot of copier leasing knows that returning a copier isn’t always easy.

Returning a copier, shopping for a new lease, and dealing with shipping is often too much hassle for businesses to do every 2-3 years. Instead most people choose to pay less, stress less, and go with the 5-year lease.

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