Do I need a Tabloid Copier?

If you are searching for a copier for the first time you may have noticed a common trend. Any copier that is capable of tabloid copies is much more expensive than ones that are not. This can be an attraction for some people because they know they are getting a powerful machine. However, tabloid copiers are not right for every business. Spokane Copier is here to help you decide if you need a tabloid copier.

In case you are not familiar, tabloid copiers simply mean that they can handle tabloid prints. These are prints that are about twice as big as your typical legal sized paper, and measure at around 11” x 17”. These larger prints open a number of options for unique print styles.

Tabloid copiers are also more expensive because they are usually much more powerful and offer more features. They are typically able to handle the brightest colors, the highest print resolution, and the widest variety of media types.

A tabloid copier, also sometimes referred to as an A3 copier, will undoubtedly be able to handle more jobs than a cheaper option. The price is worth it if you truly use all the features, but many people do not. They are the optimal copier for anyone who needs to use color and creativity to attract an audience.

Tabloid copiers are amazing machines that can accomplish the greatest number of jobs. However, only about 3% of prints are put on tabloid paper.

If you still need help figuring out if a tabloid printer is right for you then give us a call at Spokane Copier. We can help you make the right decision and get you a fair copier lease today.