How to Keep your Lease Rate Low

You may have seen our past article about getting a good lease rate on your copier. What’s important to note, is not just the importance of getting a low rate, but also of keeping it low. Copier leasing companies are always looking for ways to squeeze money out of you, so this week we will show you how to keep your lease rate low.

Basically anything that ends up happening during your lease is already stipulated in your contract. If you read through, a lot of problems can be spotted before you sign. One important thing to note is if your lease allows for then to raise rates during your lease.

You can expect that your lease rate may change with inflation, but you need to be careful about what your lease actually says. Some leases have lease rates hikes that go up as high as 12% after the first two years. This can end up costing you ludicrous amounts of money.

  • Let’s imagine that your copier leasing representative gave you a great deal on a 10,000 print agreement. They say that you will get 10,000 prints for $100, which is a great price on the market.
  • But then your lease begins to rise by 12% after year two.
  • By your fifth year of your agreement you are paying $157 for the same 10,000 prints. This is not a good market price

Don’t let copier leasing companies take you for a ride. Talk with the copier experts at Spokane Copier. We will make sure to get you a fair lease that is easy to understand.