Watch out for Automatic Rollover in your Copier Lease

If you have a copier lease or are looking to sign one then there is something you are going to want to look for: automatic rollover. Automatic rollover is a provision in your lease that allows your copier leasing company to continue your copier lease after your signed date. This can cause you to spend extra months with a copier that you don’t want, paying for something you don’t need. Getting stuck with extra months on your lease can be a big hassle which is why you want to watch out for automatic rollover in your copier lease.

Look at your lease and find out when your lease is supposed to expire. Check to see if there is anything stating that your lease can continue on unless otherwise specified. This is what automatic rollover is. In most cases you need to send some sort of communication that states that you do wish to stop your lease on that date.

Your leasing company will usually demand around 90 days before your lease expiration date to confirm your desire to end the lease or else you could end up with extra months. If you miss this date then you could be paying for time that you don’t want. Once you know the date set a reminder and mark your calendar to make sure you do your part to not miss that deadline.

Many people don’t know how to end their leases correctly and end up having to pay for things they didn’t expect. Watching out for things like automatic rollover in your copier lease early on can help you a lot in the long run.