Who Manages your Copier Costs?

Any smart business person is looking to lower their overhead. Unnecessary spending can kill your business if you aren’t careful. Everyone knows this, yet many people never consider trying to find excess spending in their print and copier costs. Paper and toner are necessary costs, but if nobody is watching then costs can get out of hand. When was the last time you asked who manages your copier costs?

In most cases nobody is really watching your copier spending. People use the consumables that they need and nobody thinks twice about buying more. However, this can be a silly mistake.

When it comes to managing your copier costs there are basically two common options.

  1. Choose a copier manager.  This is a great option for smaller businesses that don’t have all that much to keep track of. Simply choose someone in your current company who can take on the responsibility of monitoring your copier costs. They need to be good at staying organized and keeping track of everything. They should look out for unnecessary printing and  color toner being used when it doesn’t have to be.

  2. Work with a managed print services company. This is the best option for bigger businesses with much more to monitor. A managed print services company will be able to keep track of literally everything that happens with your copier. They will be able to find waste in areas that you had never even thought to consider. They can also help you move many of your processes to cheaper, paperless options


Either of these choices is much better than having nobody there to watch your spending. It may surprise you to realise how much you are spending without realizing it. Choosing who manages your copier is a great way to cut your cost without too much extra effort.