The Altalink B8065 Printer

The Xerox Altalink B8065 promises higher speed printing, a more durable printer, and new and convenient features fit just right for the modern workplace! You workplace is in need of this high-quality printer!

Is your workplace annoyed with constant paper jams and maintenance work with your current printer? This printer features high capacity print trays that reduce IT calls and maintenance support. The Altalink B8065 contains a comprehensive two 500-sheet trays that can change size and fit a paper size as large as 11×17 in/A3. The featured tandem tray can hold up to 3,600 sheets of paper (as long as it is A4-size paper). Accordingly, the optional feeder provided holds 3,300 sheets of paper, bringing the highest capacity up to 8,000 sheets of paper. This is convenient because it doesn’t just promise smoother printing, but these high quality products help you avoid the nightmare of constant calls to IT and maintenance when you have a paper jam, or you accidentally slid something out the wrong way.

The Altalink B8065 is the perfect addition to your medium or large-sized workplace! Call today, and we will help you take your workplace to the next level of excellence!