Altalink B8090 Latest Technology

The Altalink B8090 is the newest and best printer in the Atalink B8000 Series. With its up to date and current technologies, high-speed printing, and advanced security system, the Altalink B8090 promises to be the most high quality printer on the market!

Perhaps the most new and exciting thing about the Altalink B8090 is it high-capacity print speed. It has the capability of printing 90 pages per minute, making it one of the fastest printers on the market! Along with that, it has a monthly duty cycle of up to 400,000 pages per month. This is not the only thing that makes the Altalink B8090 printer so great! This printer also has a benchmark security system that protects your business’s private information. There are many layers of security that prevents unwanted visitors from accessing your data and devices; and, it makes sure that your documents are secure. This printer also has a new and pre-programmed “Configuration Watchdog”. This ensures that your printer is included in any new updates to security done on the Altalink B8090.There is no longer any need to worry or fear, because the Altalink B8090 has made sure that your private information is safe!

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