2 Clicks Vs 1 Click: Not Knowing About This Can Double Your Print Costs

If you use tabloid paper in your daily operations, you need to know about the “2 clicks” vs. “1 click” battle in the copier industry.

What Difference Does “2 Clicks” or “1 Click” Mean for Your Business?

A tabloid print is 11″ x 17″, exactly twice the size of a standard 8.5′ x 11″ letter sheet. For this reason, most copier manufacturers will count a tabloid sheet as 2 “clicks” or two prints. There are a few manufactures that count any sheet of paper that goes through the engine as 1 “click” or one print.

If you do a lot of tabloid printing, the cost difference between 1 click and 2 clicks is enormous. For example, If each color print you produce costs you $0.075, and you did 1,000 tabloid color prints per month, each tabloid print will count as two prints each. By these numbers, “2 Click” tabloid prints would cost you an extra $75 per month and $4,500 over five years.

If you are producing a lot of tabloid prints, now or in the future, you want to find a tabloid copier manufacturer and copier company that will count your tabloid prints as “1 Click” or one print.

How to Keep Your Costs as Low as Possible on Tabloid Prints

You can take two simple steps to make sure you’re not overpaying for tabloid prints:

Step one is to find out whether your leasing company and copier manufacturer count tabloid prints as only one print than two. This one simple step will immediately cut your printing bill in half for all of your tabloid prints.

Step two is to make sure you’re not paying extra for color coverage over 20%. Since tabloid sheets are counted as two standard letter sheets, that coverage number would be 10% before you’d have to pay for overages.

The devil is in the details. Make sure this devil doesn’t empty your bank account.