How to Protect Your Copier’s Stored Data

If you run a business, you are always at risk of someone breaking into your building. Knowing this, you take great pains to secure the doors, set up an alarm system, and set up a secure server to hack-proof your systems as much as you can.

There is one vulnerability that you may not have thought of before reading this article: Does your copier have a hard drive installed on it?

If you have a hard drive on your copier, the image files from your copies and prints may be sitting on the hard drive. Anyone with sufficient technical knowledge can access all the data on it if the hard drive gets stolen.

Depending on what you print, this could be a disaster. You could have customers’ social security numbers, financial records, customer records, and more on that hard drive.

You do not want to call up your customers and explain to them how their sensitive information got stolen from a copier hard drive.

How do you prevent this from happening in the first place?

The easiest way to keep data from being stolen off of your copier’s hard drive is to have a copier without a hard drive in the first place. Unless you have to keep backups of your copies or prints, the most secure way to operate is not to have a hard drive installed in your copier.

The second best way to prevent such a catastrophe from happening is to purchase a data security kit from your copier manufacturer. They typically cost around $300 to $400 and will save you from an avalanche of liability that would otherwise come from someone stealing your copier’s stored data.

Ask For A Data Security Kit One When You Buy Your Next Copier.

Copier reps don’t actively promote data security kits because they don’t understand the need themselves. Also, a data security kit raises the price of the copier purchase, and they don’t want to risk losing the sale because of a price boost.

If the copier you’re looking to buy has a hard drive, get a data security kit set up for it. You will pay more on the copier purchase, but the data security kit will pay for itself when you’re making sales calls, and not condolence calls because you let their data get stolen.

Purchase a data security kit immediately; it will be the best purchase you will make for your business.