Three Ways to Make Sure Your Xerox Supplies are Authentic

 It can often be difficult to distinguish genuine Xerox toner cartridges from counterfeit ones which are usually a combination of re-manufactured and refilled cartridges or new third party cartridges that have been placed in Xerox packaging. These counterfeit toner cartridges do have the same standard of quality and reliability or safety like Xerox does.

Here are a few ways to tell if your Xerox products are genuine

  1. Use the Genuine Xerox Validation Tool

By simply entering the 12 digit authentication number found on the silver hologram label of the product, you will be able to see whether the product is authentic. 

Each Xerox supply product is given a unique serial number on the outer box of the item. While there are many generations of these labels currently in circulation, the most recent will have these specific characteristics: 

  • A QR Code 
  • Small Numbering Above the Logo
  • Serial Number at the top of the Label 
  • Kinetic Lens effect
  • Barcode Present at the Bottom of the Label 
  1. Check the Security Label

Be sure to inspect the security labels for specific attributes found on authentic Xerox products. Although there are several generations, most will have the following: 

  • A serial number and barcode printed on the back of the label. 
  • For earlier methods, excluding the current versions, the background will change to read one of the following words depending on the angel: 
    • Genuine 
    • Original 

Differences Between Older and Newer Security Labels

  • Current Labels will have
    • 12 character serial number 
    • QR code on the top right of the label 
    • Barcode on the bottom of the label
  • Older Labels will only have 
    • 12 character serial number 
    • Barcode at the bottom of the label

Tips for Identifying Manipulated or Counterfeit Labels  

 A counterfeit or manipulated Xerox cartridge will often have one or more of the following characteristics. 

  • Completely removed identification label 
  • A reused label with a missing serial number 
  • Partially removed code 
  • Barcode scraped off of label 
  1. Contact us  for Assistance

Whether you are looking for help verifying the legitimacy of your Xeros product or needing to report suspicious activity, feel free to give us a call today at 509-362-9868!