Trading Up Your Old Copier

If you are trading up, or wanting to trade up your old copier, we can help. We sell and service Xerox, Canon, and HP copiers in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas. We would love to help your company get a new copier.

Some things to consider when trading up:

  • Lease Buyouts – Is your lease ending soon? The more in the future that date, the more expensive it is to buy out the old lease and to get a new copier without a bunch of extra expenses.
  • Copier Features – Are you wanting to trade up because your copier is old or because your copier doesn’t do what you need it to do anymore?
  • Copier Costs – Some times it is good to trade up because the copier is costing too much (typically because the color cost per print is too high).
  • Copier Maintenance – Some people want to trade up because their current copier is always breaking.

Some things to consider:

  • Generally a trade in is a liability, not an asset.
  • Dealers normally prefer not to trade a brand they cannot service. For example, we sell and service Xerox, Canon and HP. If a client wanted to trade up a Ricoh, we wouldn’t really want to pay for it because we couldn’t sell it anyway and have none in the field we are supporting.
  • There are manufacturer trade up rebates that can offer a lot of savings, even more than the value of the copier itself. The manufacturers are hungry for new customers.

We can help you trade up and get a new copier here in Spokane. We help people trade up all the time. We just think it is good to be informed what is actually happening!