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Three Ways to Make Sure Your Xerox Supplies are Authentic

 It can often be difficult to distinguish genuine Xerox toner cartridges from counterfeit ones which are usually a combination of re-manufactured and refilled cartridges or new third party cartridges that have been placed in Xerox packaging. These counterfeit toner cartridges do have the same standard of quality and reliability or safety like Xerox does. Here…

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Update: Use Gmail and Scan to Email Set-Up Feature

Having trouble while trying to set up the scan to email feature to work with Gmail by Google? You may need to adjust the settings of your Xerox printer or multi-function device to scan to email using Gmail. While the updated network settings feature does offer guidance on setting up a specific network as your…

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How to Avoid the “Unlimited Pages” Scam

Your company has given you the task of purchasing a copier for them. On your quest to get the best deal for your company, you come across many possible contracts, with each copier rep giving you their version of the truth. At this point, you wish this process would be more straightforward. All of a…

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Automatic Lease Rollovers – The Silent $1,000 Thief

You signed on for a five-year copier lease, and you’re only thirty days away from the end of its term. This copier has caused you nothing but grief, and you’re thrilled at the idea of trading up for a newer, better, and more reliable model. Out of nowhere, you get a letter in the mail;…

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How to Protect Your Copier’s Stored Data

If you run a business, you are always at risk of someone breaking into your building. Knowing this, you take great pains to secure the doors, set up an alarm system, and set up a secure server to hack-proof your systems as much as you can. There is one vulnerability that you may not have…

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What is Google Cloud Print?

Google cloud print allows you to conduct business anywhere you want to at any time you want to. Your printer can always be just at the tip of your fingers with this feature in your pocket. This mobile printing feature is great for you to have access to your printer easier and faster. It’s also…

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Benefits of Buying a Used Copier

Copiers can be one of the most important parts of a business. Many office managers favor buying brand new copiers for this exact reason. But did you know that buying a used copier can not only save you money but also give you the same productivity as a brand new device? Buying a used copier…

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Choosing Xerox as Your Copier Brand

Xerox is best known for making quality copiers and printers. People even use the Xerox company name as the term of making a copy. They call it xeroxing. This shows how much impact Xerox has had on businesses. Xerox allows you to produce high-quality documents which will make the copier worth your time and money.…

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